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Since 2015, Quintinha Abc - Associação Protetora dos Animais has been dedicated to rescuing and reintegrating abandoned or neglected animals into society in the Palmela area.

Discover the animals available for adoption

All visits to Quintinha Abc - Associação Protetora dos Animais take place on Saturdays and Sunday mornings and must be booked in advance.*

*Visits to our shelter without prior appointment will not be accommodated. The visits are conducted by volunteers who assist with the daily tasks of the shelter, so advance scheduling helps in organizing daily tasks."

Find out how to help Quintinha Abc.

Is adopting not an option? Sponsor one of our dogs or cats for a pre-defined monthly fee and come and visit them whenever you want*.

*weekend visits by appointment


Join the group of volunteers who make our mission possible.

Some of our partners:

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