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How to help

We all have a duty to contribute to social causes. However, not all of us have the capacity to adopt animals, the financial possibilities to make donations, or the physical or emotional availability to join the volunteer team in the field.

But for those who want to help there are no limits. There are many ways to cooperate with the Quintinha Abc project, permanently or occasionally, directly or indirectly. Some of these ways only take a few minutes and are free of charge. ​

Below you can find more detailed information on each of the ways to help:

1. Every Euro matters

Quintinha Abc is a non-profit organisation that has support and partnerships to develop its work.


Cash donations are especially useful to settle frequent expenses with veterinary clinics that, of course, cannot be avoided, to buy special foods, medicines and to settle water and electricity bills. So, if you want to help Quintinha Abc a simple way you can use this option, using the information below.


If you want to issue a receipt, you must send your data (full name, NIF, address and proof of transfer) to, indicating "receipt request" in the subject field.

You can make a monetary donation to Quintinha Abc through one of our available channels:

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
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Bank transfer


IBANPT50 0033-0000-45507715871-05


Mb Way

914 880 664

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  • Make Donations in Kind

Although donations are extremely useful to settle debts that often accumulate in the veterinary clinics with which we collaborate, we accept and appreciate donations of veterinary medicine and pharmacy consumables (disinfectants, saline solution, compresses, bandages, healing ointments , etc), wet and dry food for dogs, dry and wet cat food, cat litter, internal and external deworming products for dogs and cats and cleaning products (bleach, all-purpose detergent, dishwashing detergent and laundry detergent).

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2. Help an Animal from Quintinha Abc

Each animal has its own path and the stories of the animals at Quintinha ABC, like the stories of the animals at other institutions, are not the happiest. They often have episodes of mistreatment or neglect and, invariably, abandonment.


Some animals have behaviors that reflect what they were subjected to during their lives, but their recovery is most often possible, and adoption is essential for their rehabilitation.

  • Sponsor one of our animals

Sponsorship allows you to contribute a pre-defined monthly amount that will cover part of the expenses for food and health care for an animal of your choice. This is the solution found by many people who would like to have an animal but for lack of resources or time do not consider this possibility. The godparents will thus be able to enjoy the company of their “godson or goddaughter”, walking on a leash, in the case of dogs, or with socializing with humans, in the case of cats.

  • Become a member

The simplest way to help Quintinha Abc on a permanent basis is to become a member. Anyone can become a member by paying an annual fee of €25, thus joining the Quintinha Abc community. Members can also visit the Quintinha whenever they want to stay updated of the work carried out by the Association, get to know the rescued animals up close, their stories and also follow all the happy endings. Contact us via email and request more information.

  • Be a Volunteer

The functioning of the association depends exclusively on the work of its volunteers who perform tasks in the most diverse areas. Why not join this team? You can help Quintinha Abc with one of the following tasks: cleaning kennels and catteries, feeding, administering medication, socialization, transporting animals and fundraising and food campaigns.

We also occasionally need the support of professionals from different areas: lawyers, accountants, web designers, graphic designers, photographers, builders, bricklayers, carpenters, electricians and plumbers. Thus, you can sporadically help this association  by remaining in your area of expertise. Contact us via email

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3. Help Promote

Share our website and social network profiles to their friends and family, thus making them aware of the work and needs of Quintinha Abc.


Also publicize all our campaigns, events and the animals we have available for adoption.

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