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About us

Quintinha ABC – Associação Protetora dos Animais develops began its activity in 2015, in Palmela, housing about 100 dogs and cats, as well as several species of farm animals, such as chickens, ducks, guinea pigs, goats and sheep. This organisation is dedicated to the rescue and reintegration into the community of domestic animals abandoned or removed from situations of neglect or abuse, contributing to the reduction of the number of stray animals, through appropriate population control measures and ensuring the improvement of their life condition.

Upon arrival at the shelter, and in addition to any urgent medical care that may be required, animals are dewormed, vaccinated and sterilized. The organisation has already welcomed hundreds of dogs and cats, as well as other species of domestic animals, in smaller numbers, ensuring their access to shelter, food and health care. All happy endings are ensured by responsible adoptions that are accompanied by our volunteers.


Quintinha ABC, like many non-profits, depends on a group of people who collaborate in daily tasks. It should be noted that the Association does not have any full-time employees or volunteers and, as such, all the tasks mentioned above are carried out on a free-time basis.

Overall, all amounts invested in the Quintinha are obtained through fundraising events and private donations, these financial resources being clearly insufficient to ensure that the housed animals have everything they need. At this moment, it is essential to raise funds or sponsors for the construction of a new kennel that will allow to accommodate, with the appropriate conditions, all the animals in charge of Quintinha Abc. On the other hand, the cattery is being remodeled and we have an infirmary under construction that we hope to see completed  soon. Unfortunately, for reasons that are completely unrelated to us, this process is taking longer than expected.


We believe that it is everyone's duty to contribute to any cause that aims to build a better world. The personal gratification achieved through helping others, whether people or animals, is something unique and priceless.




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