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Sponsor an animal

Sponsoring an animal allows you to help Quintinha Abc with a pre-established monthly amount that will cover part of the expenses for food and health care for an animal of your choice. This is the solution found by many people who would like to have an animal, but don't have the resources or availability. It is also a way of helping Quintinha to bear the expenses of the animals that are taken in until they are adopted; therefore, many families that already have their own animals choose to help animals that are waiting for their own family in this way.


Fans, friends and godparents will be able to schedule visits to the animal of their choice, providing some gifts, snacks, and moments of quality and pampering.

At Quintinha Abc you can sponsor an animal in one of the following ways:

dog icon


With 10€/month, feed your godchild and receive a new photo annually.

Cat icon with speech bubble


With 20€/month, feed, deworm and vaccinate your godchild and receive a new photo and a certificate of sponsorship annually.

couple icon with cat

With 25€/month, feed, deworm, vaccinate and cover other current medical and veterinary expenses for your godson and receive a new photograph, certificate of sponsorship and a Quintinha Abc gift annually.


Ficha de apadrinhamento

Fill out the sponsorship form below to become a Fan, Friend, or Godparent at Quintinha ABC.

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