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Conditions and application for adoption

Although Quintinha Abc still doesn't haven the infrastructure to provide the perfect conditions to all animals, during their stay at the shelter everyone is treated very well, given the possibilities. The animals have access to shelter that protects them from the sun, rain and cold, adequate food, health care and all possible pampering, thanks to our dedicated volunteers. Anyone who accompanies us and visits can testify that the animals are happy.

However, we know that they can live in comfort, with better food and, above all, with full-time attention and dedication. Thus, it is only natural that there is an adoption process that aims to guarantee that the adopted animals will have a better life than the one they have with us. It wouldn't make sense any other way!

It is important to consider some aspects:​


It is essential to understand whether there are financial resources for adoption, as it is necessary to ensure, under any circumstances, the health, food, hygiene and well-being of the animal. It should be taken into account that a cat or dog can live for about 15 years or more and, therefore, all members of the family should be aware that this is a long-term commitment.

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Sterilization around six months is mandatory (unless otherwise indicated by the veterinarian). All animals older than six months will be delivered sterilized and all animals younger than six months must be sterilized by their family after reaching this age, possibly as part of a protocol with Clínica Veterinária Gato Escondido.

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It is crutial to consider whether there are family, logistical and infrastructure conditions to adopt the intended animal; an animal requires time, patience and sometimes involves changing the family routine.

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All cats  must be kept indoors. Eventual access to the outside can be done with a leash and harness, in protected patios through which there is no possibility of escape or in fenced balconies. In all these cases, access must always be supervised to eliminate the possibility of accidents, escapes and disappearances that unfortunately are very frequent in animals that have access to the street.

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Adult animals are delivered sterilized, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and, in the case of felines, screened for FIV and FeLV diseases. This assumption is applicable to all animals, except in cases where there is some type of medical contraindication. Young animals will be delivered with whatever is appropriate/recommended for the age at which they are adopted. 

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When there are more dogs or cats in the same house, they must be sterilized, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and, in the case of cats, they must also be screened for FIV and FeLV 

Quintinha Abc

The adoption process involves the following steps by the candidate family:

  • Fill in the Application Form for Adoption  on this web page, or contact us via email at, indicating which animal you intend to adopt, if you are interested in a specific animal, or indicating the characteristics of the intended animal (you will be redirected to the same form on this page).

  •  The Application Form for Adoption is mandatory, and it  is the 1st element of evaluation of candidate adopters; If accepted, an visit can be scheduled at the shelter (2nd evaluation element), at the suggestion of Quintinha Abc or at the request of the candidate family;

  • If the application is approved, the adoption is scheduled, with the signature of the terms of responsibility, and there is an adoption fee of a variable amount (minimum €25, maximum €45), relating to part of the cost of the animal adopted during the reception period at Quintinha Abc:


      Example 1: cat > 6 months, vaccinated, dewormed, sterilized, with microchip and FIV/FeLV screening = 45€;

      Example 2: dog > 6 months, vaccinated, dewormed, sterilized, with microchip = 40€;
    • Example 3: cat and dog < 6 months vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped = €35*

  • The adoption is then accompanied by our volunteers who periodically request information and photographs of the adopted animal from its family in order to help in the adaptation process, contributing that everything runs for the best.

*Sterilization is mandatory and must be performed by the adopting family when the animal reaches 6 months of age. In felines, it is recommended to carry out the FIV/FeLV screening at the same time. For other questions

Quintinha Abc – Associação Protetora dos Animais is not a company, but a non-profit Animal Protection Association, which subsists only thanks to the scarce donations it receives and through the dedicated work of volunteers. The amounts suggested for payment at the time of adoption refer only to a very small part of the expenses borne by Quintinha Abc, during the period of receiving the animals. The remaining expenses that arise during the stay of the animals at Quintinha Abc are paid with donations from friends, partners, godfathers/godmothers and volunteers of Quintinha Abc; in some cases they are still pending payment. Adopters are encouraged to help cover the prior expenses of the adopted animal, by making a donation, so that Quintinha Abc's financial situation remains regular and thus it can continue its mission, helping other animals.

By adopting at Quintinha Abc – Associação Protetora dos Animais you will be contributing so that we can rescue and welcome another animal at risk of life. We appreciate that you only contact us if you agree with our conditions, otherwise we will not approve the adoption. We appreciate your preference.

Ficha de candidatura

Fill out the application form below to start the adoption process at Quintinha ABC.

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