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Did you find an abandoned animal?

Quintinha Abc is permanently overcrowded, with animals housed in improvised places and in extremely precarious accommodation.

The Association has a high debt to settle at the Gato Escondido veterinary clinic and routine expenses that it cannot cover due to the lack of financial support.

For this reason, the reception of new animals obeys strict criteria that are reserved only for urgent situations:

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Dog or cat injured or in a state of obvious malnutrition

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Small animals that are considered quickly adoptable

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Litter of orphaned dogs or cats in a life-threatening situation

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Animals recovered from situations of mistreatment by the PSP/GNR, which cannot be removed without guaranteeing shelter

⚠️ If you are faced with a similar situation, you should contact the President of the Association, Ana Elísia Monteiro, so that the possibility of assistance or reception can be evaluated

By knowing that you are a volunteer in an Association, you may also be approached to rescue or help stray or abandoned animals.

Given the circumstances, these cases will not be considered urgent and include:

  • Animals found by others and already assisted or collected;

  • Animals widely publicized on social networks with high visibility and the possibility of finding help;

  • Animals that cannot be kept by their families;

  • Unadoptable healthy animals (for example, wild animals);

  • Street animals that are not in immediate danger of life;

In these cases, you must reinforce the impossibility of Quintinha Abc providing its direct support and you must also:

  • Mention the difficulties of the Association and its impossibility to help all cases;

  • Suggest posting an ad onfind me;

  • Encourage them to go to a veterinary office to read the microchip;

  • Help publicize lost or found animals and request support from associations, namely Quintinha Abc, for their dissemination on social networks;

  • Help actively seek support for the necessary expenses for the animal through fundraising among friends and family;

  • Participate or suggest participation in foster care as a Temporary Foster Family until the animal is adopted;

  • Suggest publishing an ad on the platformAdopt me.

What if the Association can help?

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We also remind you that if the Association is available to accept a request for help from you, you must face this responsibility and help as much as possible.

Some examples of help include raising money to cover the expense generated by bringing the animal in, helping with transporting the animal to the vet whenever necessary and trying to find a family for it so that it can be quickly adopted.

Above all, you must keep in mind that you must also be proactive as a citizen, limiting Quintinha Abc's help to only the most essential and urgent cases.

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