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Welcome to the Quintinha ABC family!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us.emailor by the group of volunteers from theWhatsapp.
Before starting your contribution as a volunteer, don't forget to read ourVolunteer Handbook.

What are the main responsibilities of a volunteer?

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Feeding the animals

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Washing of blankets and maintenance of common spaces


Cleaning of animal toilets


Distribute purrs and wagging tails

⚠️ If you see an animal in need of urgent medical attention or if you notice any significant changes in its behavior, always notify a more senior volunteer or the Whatsapp group.

Useful contacts

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Help requests and rescues

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Volunteering and team management

Mafalda Ribeiro

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Purchasing and stock management

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follow-up of adoptions

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Members and Sponsorships


Promotion, social networks and merch

Other pages you may find useful...

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